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Free online jigsaw puzzle for adults and kids of a colorful watercolor paint set. With the paints are paint brushes mixed in with colored pencils.


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Aug 5, 2020
One of my favorite paint set puzzles. Will not give this the "brush-off" in the future. Look forward to doing this again soon.
Aug 27, 2018
Brushes and pencils and paint. Couldn't paint myself out of a corner. Absolutely no artistic talent.
Apr 8, 2018
Love these type of puzzles! Thanks team!
May 8, 2018
I do too! I'm having a childish delight when I get to play with these colors. Makes me feel artistic just putting the puzzle together! lol
Apr 14, 2017
Pencils...brushes...paint. Wish I had the talent to create a picture of art. Alas, I did not get the artistic gene. I know I have talent elsewhere, I just haven't found it yet. =^.^=
Jun 28, 2016
Used to use these paints in art class in school.
Jan 25, 2016
A little bit hard, but I finished it.
Jan 19, 2016
I need to get back to painting and drawing. Without my glasses, I did a 20 Classic cut and currently have the bronze medal - and there's been more than 3 people who have done this cut.
Jan 20, 2016
Well done, feels great when in the top three as some said even for a moment.
Jan 20, 2016
Jan 19, 2016
I'm working on auto-pilot today. I clicked on tessellation - my old favorite - instead of wavy - my new favorite. Oh well. It was still fun.

God bless you all with a colorful day.
Jan 19, 2016
Now I did it wavy and am happily one of only three with times posted. That gives me a silver by default.
Jan 19, 2016
Isn't that just so satisfying, even when it doesn't last long?
Jan 20, 2016
Yeah, it is.
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