Palace Hall Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free online jigsaw puzzle for adults and kids of the interior of a palace. Chandeliers hang overhead and beautiful blue upholstered chairs line the hall.


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Dec 10, 2019
This looks like a luxurious place to spend a few days.
Apr 5, 2016
Apr 4, 2016
Very pretty. I love the blue chairs. I sure would have chosen a different floor covering however. That is ghastly! What were they thinking?
Apr 4, 2016
Beautiful hallway. Rather narrow, however, if there were to be people seated in seats on both sides.

God bless you all.
Apr 3, 2016
WOW!!! This is just what we've been asking for. A tiny look at the interior of some of the castles. We may be able to match it up with the castle (we know it's in Austria). Thanks so very much C4J staff!
Love it...
Apr 3, 2016
There is just three in Austria.
Apr 3, 2016
Saw some beautiful places like this in Europe some years ago. Such opulence!!!

"An Angel can illumine the thought and mind of man by strengthening the power of vision, and by bringing within his reach some truth which the Angel himself contemplates." (St. Thomas Aquinas)

"To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour."
(William Blake)

Another warm one today. Not sure we are going to have much autumn this year. God bless and take care. Hugs.
Apr 3, 2016
I love the William Blake quote. When my first granddaughter was young I painted that quote on a pretty little plaque for her room.
Apr 3, 2016
What a lovely legacy to leave for your granddaughter. Lovely grandmother. Hugs.
Apr 3, 2016
Posh...What a beautiful scene
Apr 3, 2016
Took longer than I wanted to. However, one of my cats decided she needed some lovin' right by my "mouse" while I tried to move pieces. Doesn't work too well.
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