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Jigsaw puzzle of three colorful shirts hanging on a clothesline, waving in the breeze. The shirts have just been washed and are on the line to dry.


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Jul 17, 2016
I love putting this one together it is very easy you will love it as I did.
May 30, 2016
Second time doing this. Still enjoyed it. Very colorful. Wish I could still hand by clothes on a line, but not permitted. Still hang some where they can't be seen.
Apr 14, 2016
Looks like kites flying.
Feb 28, 2016
I'd hang them by the bottom. I wouldn't want clothes pin marks on the shoulders.
Feb 26, 2016
Used to have to hang clothes on a line to dry. My subdivision doesn't allow it now so have to have a drier. I do hang a few things to dry out in my screened porch--but it can't be seen from the street.
Jan 18, 2016
If we could meet each other from the puzzles bet we would say oh you don't look anything like I thought
Apr 12, 2013
The nice t-shirts look dry to me and ready to come down. Do you fold them or put them on coat hangers?
May 5, 2013
I would iron them first, then put them on the coat hanger, to air off.
Jul 15, 2013
This was a long time ago and I just re-read it. I am an old woman and have been through son and a grandson. T-shirts have never ever--never--been ironed around here. I doubt that anyone has ever noticed the lack of ironing. "Iron" is 4-letter word that one should avoid at all costs. Eeek!
Jul 24, 2013
I put my t's on hangers. My hubby wants his folded and in a drawer.
Apr 14, 2015
Oh I agree - the sun and the wind iron them - you just have to fold and put away - no ironing for me when mother nature's willing to do it!
Apr 14, 2015
Know what you mean. I haven't had an iron in my hand for over a year. :)
Apr 14, 2015
I'm with you, Hockey Fan no iron in my hand, just use mine when I'm sewing, when the dry stops I get them out and put them on hangers (no outside for us - too much dust & pollen in the air + pollution) for many years. "T" & I were just thinking about you and that we had not heard from you lately. How are you doing?
Apr 14, 2015
I'm doing fine. Busy doing spring cleaning and cleaning up yard from winter. Cool and rainy here today so decided to puzzle. Started a 1003 piece. Will be busy with that for a few days. Hope you and hubby are doing good. Thought about you when the tornadoes were in your area. We've been dealing with high water from the Ohio. It came within one foot of flood stage. We don't live in flooding area but a few roads were closed. Take care my puzzle friend. :)
Apr 14, 2015
Colorful and "breezy" one to do - like a breath of fresh air on a spring morning!
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