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Nov 22, 2017
Don't get newspapers anymore. They got so expensive and had nothing much in them--they kept shrinking in size also.
Nov 23, 2017
I don't get the newspaper either
they are not worth the money
I read the obits on line
Apr 29, 2016
Just had to do this one again. I admit I only subscribe to the Friday and Weekend paper in the town where I live. I only read two pages of the paper and that is the front page and the inside letters to the editor. I get most of the important news on TV, such as it is. I will be so glad when this election is over with!
Feb 5, 2014
Oh gosh. A traditional American icon is biting the dust. We have too many instant news sources on the Internet and all of the other electronic devices so that the newspapers just cannot compete. I'm an example (bad) as I cancelled my newspaper delivery. It got so that I was collecting them from the yard and putting them directly into the trash barrel (without even removing the rubber bands). Of course I live in a smaller community and the Big News of the Day was what the kindergarten class was up to. The news that matters is on the web, wouldn't you know? Isn't it a shame to see great American institutions dissolve into history? That's life, huh?
Sep 17, 2014
We used to get the Sunday NYTimes. My husband read the news and I did the puzzles. I have gotten with magazines like you with the papers. I'm down to two subscriptions. One is a gift so I guess I'll always have one hanging around.
Still there's something about having something to hold in your hands. It makes it yours.
Sep 17, 2014
Pixi, magazines are also on my "no more" list. The next time you receive a mag, notice how many pages are ads and how many are something interesting to read. I can get enuf free ads without paying for a subscription.
Sep 19, 2014
I used to love the visuals in magazines but there's no artwork any more and except for kids' mags and the occasional graph and the photos are usually not that good. Do you remember tho old Reader's Digest and the Saturday Evening Post? What terrific art they had. Imagine buying a magazine and getting a Norman Rockwell on the cover!
Sep 17, 2014
Great puzzle. It's the kind you can improve on as none of the pieces are pure guesswork.
How about some comic book covers C4J?
Jul 3, 2013
I got jilted out of my paper this morning. Can't believe how much I'm missing it. Good news is I'll have two to read tomorrow.
Nov 29, 2012
Great! Just so different! Thanks!