Mosaic Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle online of a beautiful mosaic. The mosaic is made of small colorful tiles in an arch pattern.


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May 6, 2018
Looks like my neighbor's patio table. Have had many a wine cooler on her table. Yeah...summer is almost here!
Feb 26, 2021 neighbor who had this colorful patio table has moved to Washington. Guess I'll be drinking alone. Hic!
Jan 24, 2015
I don't know if I'd have the patience to do even if all the tiles were pre-cut. This appears to be a fairly large round mosaic design.
May 31, 2016
Yes this is a mosaic. Disney World has an outstanding mosaic in their premises.
Jan 3, 2014
Quite interesting!!
Dec 21, 2013
That is pretty
Nov 28, 2013
This was quite fun for a SQUARES puzzle. I did it in only 10:10.
Nov 27, 2013
Love these mosaic patterns, it is a pity that when making things with mosaic pieces than it was as simple as these jigsaw, and one would not then get there fingers cut when putting the pieces together, Thank you team for this one.
Nov 26, 2013
A lot of patience needed to create the mosaic - a lot of patience needed to solve the puzzle.Certainly gets the brain ticking over!!
Nov 26, 2013
I thought this puzzle was harder than I thought it would be. I enjoyed all the colors but was a little to light for me. I like the bright colors best.
Nov 26, 2013
I think this has tied as being one of the hardest in the 220 diamonds that I have done thus far. Fun, but now must go rest my tired eyes.
Nov 26, 2013
Now, THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!!! Love it!
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