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Free online jigsaw puzzle of menorahs for Hanukkah. The menorahs are displayed side by side.


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Mar 1, 2024
I just did this in mystery - WOW, super hard! But so beautiful!
Oct 30, 2018
As I am doing this today, I am praying for the shooting victims and families at the temple in Pittsburgh this past Saturday!
Jan 3, 2018
So beautiful!
Dec 6, 2015
Quite difficult to finish, but a beautiful puzzle. Not being Jewish, I never realized that there were so many different styles of the menorah.
they are all beautiful and meaningful. Happy Hanukkah to the Jewish people of the world. Needless to say, we all need to pray for the Israelis safety.
Dec 7, 2015
Hear Hear!
Dec 6, 2015
This was a tough puzzle. For those who celebrate Hanukkah, I hope you have an enjoyable week and don't get too many dreidels.
Dec 6, 2015
Thank you retirenow14. I have celebrated the first night of Chanukah tonight. I send blessings in peace and friendship to al religions of the world. This was a very hard puzzle!
Dec 6, 2015
How can I be missing a piece on the computer? I've moved everything around and still no missing piece.
Dec 6, 2015
Ooooppps; never mind; the lost has been found. :-)
Dec 6, 2015
Great puzzle bu I have to say it was a hard one to do had to stop and go for a cup of coffee once
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