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Jigsaw puzzle of thin markers laying side by side. The markers are arranged in a rainbow pattern.


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Apr 30, 2020
Fun again and this time as a Mystery. Use markers at the library where I work. Hope we open up again by June.
Dec 9, 2019
Fun..easy..colorful. Need I say more? OK, if you insist. the white line running down the marker a reflection of light, or on the marker itself? Life's great mystery's unanswered.
Aug 21, 2019
One of the easier puzzles.
Nov 22, 2017
Nice mystery, pretty easy.
Jul 20, 2016
Whoa...don't know how I missed this one? Guess I was too pooped after going to the movies to see the Secret Lives of Pets and too much popcorn!!! Cute movie. This was a nice easy puzzle. Love the close-up ones!
Nov 15, 2017
My granddarling and I went to see that movie together. It was a lot of fun.
Aug 22, 2017
Oddly enough my worst scores are in the classic styles. No matter the picture, I'm very slow with those pieces.
Sep 22, 2016
Love the colours in this one I think and I think a big puzzle would be great to do.
Jul 17, 2016
With the bold colors and vertical arrangement, this was a breeze.

My step granddaughter is an aspiring artist, but only does pencil sketches. She's into Creepy Pasta and anime characters.

Me? I had intended to write and illustrate children's picture books, but am weak with illustrating. So, instead, I've edited over 30 children's stories for a public library when residing in Michigan. The stories were recording so children could call and listen to a story. There are some great children's stories out there. You can learn a lot by reading them.

May your day be filled with joyous color!
Jul 17, 2016
Edit: recorded
Jul 17, 2016
Did you make the recordings or were they already done professionally? When you say edit, do you mean you decided which ones the library should buy?
Jul 18, 2016
The program is called Dial-a-Story. Most all of the stories were ones that I found on the bookshelves at the library itself. For a 4-minute recording, though, you can only get in about 635 words. Many of the stories were too long. So, I rewrote (edited) the story to the proper word length. Often, it was just taking out unnecessary adjectives and prepositional phrases. The message and spirit of the story were still in tact. I then read (recorded) the story myself. There will be others, though, who follow me, as I no longer live in that city. I left a repertoire of stories so a reader doesn't have to spend hours hunting down a story that'll fit. If you'd like to know more about the program, the library has a website. It's West Branch Public Library (located in Michigan). You can even donate one a story you have written for a reader to record. The story can be emailed to the director for adding to the inventory of readable stories. Stories are changed about once a week. I hope this answers your questions. Blessings!
Jul 18, 2016
Re message below: delete "one"
Jul 19, 2016
Thanks for the info, vmarie. I just might donate one of my stories. I'll have to see if I have any poems (I write my kids' stories in rhyme) that are under 635 words. You can't really edit those. That's quite a task you undertook.
Jul 21, 2016
That'll be perfect, pixipixil. Should a piece be too short, it can always be combined with another poem or a short-short with a similar theme. Filling that 4-minute time allowance is always a challenge. Be sure you submit entries to the director's attention. Put Dial-A-Story in the subject template. Your interest and contribution to the program will be greatly appreciated. Kids love a good bedtime story. Blessings!
Jul 21, 2016
Thanks again, vmarie. It may take a little time before I submit but I'll be on it.
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