Macarons Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free jigsaw puzzle online of bright macarons in a white cup. The sweet treat is filled with chocolate and lemon fillings.


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May 8, 2020
Sep 26, 2019
looks so good don't remember having these
mystery for today
May 30, 2018
Looks good
Apr 5, 2018
I like mallomars - Went out for lunch and then arrived home. Took the dog to the vet. Her ears are really red, scratching and shaking of the head - really bad ear infection in both ears. I have a recipe for a sugar cookie filled with date puree. Used to fill the bird feeder growing up. We even had one for suet in the winter.
Apr 5, 2018
They remind me more of malowmars than macaroons. I'm not a cookie monster, but do like fig bars and macaroons.
I thought we were supposed to have a nasty weather day but right now it looks pretty nice outside. Guess I'll go fill the bird feeder before it changes.
Wishing you all a stress-free day.
Apr 5, 2018
Hey Pixi,
There are 2 very different cookies - marcarons and macaroons. I think both are heavenly treats. I just had some beautiful macarons made by a local lady.
Apr 5, 2018
Okay. I thought it was a European spelling of macaroons. What are macarons?
Apr 5, 2018
What you see here. Colored meringues with a filling. Macaroons are made with almond paste and coconut.
Apr 5, 2018
Turns out I am not alone. There are a bunch of explanations on the web because many people also thought this was an alternate spelling. Here's a wes address that describes and pictures both kinds of cookies...
Apr 5, 2018
Those look delicious! And the pretty tulips are colourful. A fun puzzle to do.
Apr 5, 2018
That looks yummy but a wee bit too sugary for me.

"What is most beautiful in virile men is something feminine; what is most beautiful in feminine women is something masculine." —Susan Sontag

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." —Eleanor Roosevelt

Good night and God bless. Hugs.
Apr 5, 2018
That 1st quote makes me think of the Yin-Yang symbol (one interpretation is the male in the female, etc.).

The 2nd one is being used a lot on TV in the last couple of years AND especially now with the renewed women's movement.
Apr 5, 2018
Good morning to all, hope everyone has a really happy day. Aussie love the Roosevelt quote, so very true, now if I could only get that in my head. Have to go to my surgeon today, hoping I can take this brace off at least part time. This brace reminds me of a corset, fits like one, feels like one, only fastens in the front and very uncomfotable. Aussie you asked how I could walk without the feeling in my leg and foot, well it was a gradual loss of sensation and I just learned to compensate. I can feel pressure but can't feel tempatures or sharpness or dullness, also can't tell if my shoe falls off so I had to stop wearing slip on shoes. Can't tell you how many times I left my shoe behind somewhere lol!! Sounds like my cats are having a house party on the front deck. Yesterday the cats left us a mouse at the front door as a present. They do that a lot. Really good mousers. There is only forest around us, so we used to battle with the field mice to keep them out of here once in a while. Everyone be safe.
Apr 5, 2018
Wishing you a speedy recovery!
Apr 5, 2018
I enjoyed doing this puzzle although it was quite hard to do.
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