Log Cabin Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Online puzzle of a painting of a cozy log cabin in the woods. A heavy snowfall has covered the cabin and the surrounding trees with white snow.


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Dec 25, 2016
Jul 11, 2015
Probably cold inside as there is no chimney for fireplace and no power lines. Maybe thee is a generator in back that can't be seen. Or maybe you just have to wear a lot of clothes.
Jan 20, 2015
Did this one as a Mystery Puzzle (300 pcs). It was easier than I thought. Great painting...wish I was in that cabin right now ;)
Jul 28, 2014
Love it!
Mar 19, 2014
It looked so restful but I am glad that the snow thing is over!
Feb 19, 2014
Really great puzzle! So glad this part of winter is over!
Dec 31, 2013
Nice winter painting. Thanks team.
Jul 26, 2013
I have been doing a lot of the paintings and watercolors and they remind me of the artist that was on tv that I watched on every Saturday. He was so great. Does anyone remember his name?
Oct 30, 2013
That might have been The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. He always made it look so easy. Bob Ross worked in oils. There was someone who worked in watercolor, but I don't remember who that was.
Oct 30, 2013
Now that you mentioned oils, I'm not sure if it was oils or watercolors. I'm thinking watercolors and seemed he had a beard. Thanks for the reply :)
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