Limes Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Green limes on a table puzzle.


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Jun 15, 2015
Love the colors My late wife was Japanese so you know I saw a lot of this kind of stuff I have many sets of chop sticks Called hashies in Japan
May 10, 2014
Really neat puzzle to do!
Jan 27, 2014
I really like this puzzle!
May 9, 2014
Still like it!
May 9, 2014
Great puzzle! don't think I did this one before but of course I sure could be wrong!
Apr 28, 2014
I have a lime tree (sort of have one because my son has it. It is planted in a what was once a half of a wooden whiskey barrel. It is very old now and lives on my son's tiny deck that is attached to his condo. He sort of inherited it when I left home to go and live in my motor home. He brings me some limes when he comes over from Calif. They are very good. He has taken fine care of it.