Lemur Family Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free jigsaw puzzle online of a ring-tailed lemur mother and her baby. The social animals live in Madagascar.


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Feb 7, 2018
They are really cute. Momma and baby!
Oct 24, 2016
Cute lemurs
Nov 3, 2014
Nice lemur family they look so cute
Sep 17, 2014
Nice little animals and great puzzle.
Aug 24, 2014
That was kinda tough for me. These creatures look a little creepy through my minds eye. Maybe because of the movie "Gremlins"?

God bless you all today and every day.
Aug 24, 2014
I felt the same way doing the puzzle!
Sep 2, 2014
Especially how their eyes star, wide open in the over direction. Imagine if they suddenly looked at you? Eeeek!
Aug 27, 2014
Aug 24, 2014
There are so many beautiful creatures in creation and I think these lemurs are magnificent.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Mahatma Gandhi

"You know, sometimes the world seems like a pretty mean place.'

'That's why animals are so soft and huggy." Bill Watterson

Please continue to pray for our pastor (John) and his wife Robyn and their family members. He is still in intensive care under heavy sedation, can only nod and shake his head. Robyn says that she is comforted in knowing that this is "God permitted". She is a beautiful lady.

God bless all of you - hugs.
Aug 24, 2014
Aug 24, 2014
They have been in my morning prayers daily & will continue to be
Aug 24, 2014
He is still in our prayers daily.
Aug 24, 2014
Honey, Can you give me his name and his family's name? I will put them on our request list tomorrow night at church. We pray for those all over the world who are in need of the Lord's love and uplifting encouragement. I will talk to you tomorrow night. God be with you and his family.
Aug 24, 2014
Thank you - you are all so very special. Hugs.
Aug 25, 2014
Mamag He is Pastor John Gollan and his wife's name is Robyn. Thank you so much. Hugs.
Aug 25, 2014
Prayers sent.
Aug 24, 2014
They look scary. Does anyone know how to get rid of ground moles? They are in my yard and tearing it up bid time.

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.
Happy Sunday and God bless you all.
Aug 24, 2014
Correction: Big time. :-)
Aug 24, 2014
My sister had them in her garden and yes they do make a terrible mess, she had to get a specialist in to get rid of them, when I speak to her next week will let you know the outcome.
Aug 24, 2014
Try gasoline (or some other strong smelling deterrent) at one end of the tunnel and a trap at the other end.
Aug 25, 2014
Jingles try shaking cayenne pepper where they are coming up and the more the better. I am not saying this will work for sure but I get cayenne in a big container (1 lb) and I have used it for a lot of pests. They get just a little on them and they don't want to come back. I sprinkle it on the heavy side and it works for what I have tried it on, everything so far hates it. If you get a lot of rain I would sprinkle again. I don't have moles but I have a lot of everything else that are pests and it works for me.
I agree with your comment those lemurs look scary. They give me the creeps. I wouldn't want them around me. I wouldn't be able to sleep. They look like Dracula and bats combined and the eyes are eerie to me and I can hardly do the puzzle seeing those eyes. They look devilish to me. Funny how some see them as cute and then others find them creepy. I have to do a different puzzle before I go to bed otherwise lemurs will be in my dreams so I better find a nice one, lol!
Good luck on the moles!
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