Lazy Cat Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle of a lazy cat lying down.


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Jul 12, 2016
Such a cutie. Looks like my Tabby! She's the most polite cat I have ever had. Never begs for something. Just sits or lays and waits for me to see her. She seems to know that I will give her what she wants--and I do!
Mar 28, 2014
Love this cute little face! Just helped my neighbor get the dogs back in! They burrowed under the fence. Too funny that they are such escape artists. It was a great rescue. When the rain stops I'm going to help my neighbor block it back up more. They are always there for me so I am there for them!
Jul 4, 2012
My Abby again. I love doing the puzzles of cats that look like her. Makes me smile the whole time. Abby is a calico Manx cat. The Manx cat has no tail. She is very smart. Understands English!! She means a lot to my husband & I. Can't understand why she was taken to a shelter. We are truly blessed to have her.
Feb 23, 2014
She was meant to be yours! Mine is a rescue too but has become a pain! I think he sometimes forgets that I am the hand that feeds him! Do love him though!
Feb 23, 2014
Just love them when they are being so cute!
Dec 12, 2013
Always too cute!