Las Vegas Sign Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Las Vegas sign on a bright sunny day.

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Aug 8, 2016
Have been to Vegas many times. Not going anymore since there is so much walking and my back says NO after a little time. My girlfriend loves to gamble and is going there next month for a week.
Mar 13, 2016
Have been to Vegas and we stayed at The Venetian hotel. One employee told us that they were building another building. Then he said that the budget for the building was 30M.
Jun 9, 2014
So cool and there is an airplane flying overhead!
Nov 19, 2013
Now this is one place I have been, our daughter got married in the white chapel and treat myself and husband, our son, and his wife, and our daughters partners mum and dad there, and we stayed in the MGM Grand and what a beautiful place Vegas is, we had a go on the machines, but never won anything But we went round most of the other Hotels and all of them was well worth a visit, we found it to be a trip of a life time and well worth seeing, But one whom has never travel to america we would highly recommend it but one doe not realise how vast America is and the flight was a very long one, the time we went there was a big fight being held there, our son caught a later plane than us and he saw quite a lot of well known people.unfortunatley I forgot there names, one was nick named the Dandy boy. W e found the people very friendly and was very helpful, we even went to the sunset strip and if you have never been to Vegas it is well worth a visit, just remember to take some comfortable shoes as there is hell of a lot to see and all worth seeing.