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Jigsaw puzzle online of a kangaroo in Australia. The kangaroo is standing on the green grass.


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Nov 13, 2017
Big feet for all that hopping ---- but look at the tiny hands (paws? ).
Aug 5, 2017
Are there any more puzzlers whom think like me, every time I see a kangaroo, I think of rolph harris, whom sing this song, called tie me kangaroo down sport well one has to have a sence of humour..Have great week end all, health and happiness to you all
Jul 26, 2015
I thought it would be a bear! Good mystery!
Jul 7, 2015
Love roos........and baby joey's What does the word Kangaroo mean and why did they call them joey's????
Mar 15, 2015
Kangaroos are such cute creatures. Good puzzle.
Feb 8, 2015
Kangaroos are cute to watch.
Feb 7, 2015
Not all Kangaroos are mean, in December we took a group of people with disabilities to a nearby wildlife park where they hop about and graze freely. Our group were hand-feeding them the pellets available at the park and they really enjoyed the way the kangaroos gently ate out of their hands.
Feb 7, 2015
The kangaroos were hopping about not the people, I think I worded that badly. :-)
Feb 4, 2015
I asked a kangaroo mother
Why she hates a rainy day,
She said because her babies
Have to stay inside and play.
~Wayne Edwards
Feb 4, 2015
If I was a kangaroo mother I wouldn't want it to rain either
Feb 4, 2015
Cute, starrphyre. Thanks for sharing.
Feb 4, 2015
Edwards poem continued by Pixipixil:
Her joey whined, " O Mama roo, I thought I was your pride,
"But now you say you rue each day I have to play inside.
"Tell me why, " cried the joey Her mam went "Harrrumph.
"You try and jump with a giant baby bump."
Feb 4, 2015
Cute! :)))!
Feb 4, 2015
Hahaha all new to me, but funny. Hugs.
Feb 4, 2015
Good to hear you laugh. Hugs back at you, Aussie.
Feb 4, 2015
Love the poems!!!!
Feb 4, 2015
Thanks Patricia. I can see you have a big heart.
Feb 6, 2015
Pixipixil, Oh, Pixi, in my next life I'm gonna be a poet--dontchaknowit? Admire your talent to the max!
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