Humpback Whale Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Online jigsaw puzzle of a humpback whale breaching off the coast of New Zealand. Although the animal was once considered vulnerable, humpback whales are now of least concern.

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Oct 13, 2016
Awesome sight!
Jul 5, 2016
Agree what a sight. Have seen them up in Alaska. The whale wasn't doing a breach like this one. The whale was doing a rare form of feeding named Bubble feeding. I'm sure you can watch it on Youtube.
Apr 25, 2016
What a sight. They are seen in the Puget Sound quite often..Also orcas One thing I like is that the water never warms up enough to attract sharks
Sep 28, 2014
Everytime I do water puzzles it's takes me forever, still liked it
Sep 20, 2014
This is about 11 yr. old Camron that has Leukemia if you do Face Book you can type Prayers for Camron and read about him
people all over are praying for him and his family
this is a report from his mother
I asked you yesterday to like & join our church family in prayer for Camron...I asked that we see 1000 likes before midnight at 11:21 pm (approx) his page was at 2000 and rising. I also asked that you post where you are from. For an 11 year old and even my brain was amazed by the prayers that are being lifted up all over the world. We prayed specifically yesterday that Camron could handle & tolerate the procedures...he did. We also prayed that they could determine type of Leukemia and put a plan in place....they have. In the midst of valley's, storms, & trials if you seek HIM, HE will show you the mountain tops, sunny skies, & the amazing things that are coming! We are trusting God and believing
thank you they are friends of mine dbnc2
Jun 17, 2014
May 27, 2014
Love it!
May 12, 2013
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