Houses on the Water Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Aug 24, 2020
Cute houses, but I worry about the 2 hurricanes that are in the Gulf! A good windstorm would knock these houses into the water--and fast!
Aug 24, 2020
We could have some rain this week, we need it.

"Cats are independent by nature. But whenever you need a faithful companion, a cat is always there to give you lots of attention, love, and tender care.-unknown"

Have a Great Day & Evening to All!
Aug 25, 2020
I hope you day was a good one CatLadyOKC.
Aug 24, 2020
I wouldn't want to live in one, in case of a hurricane.
Aug 24, 2020
Nice bungalows. and a pretty setting.
Aug 24, 2020
It makes a lovely scene especially because the water is such a pretty blend of colors BUT I would never feel safe in one of those bungalows. Although tsunamis are few and hurricanes are easily traked and avoided the sea is just too unpredictable for me. I enjoy it but only at a distance.
Every dream I have had of going to the beach ends with the waves getting higher and higher and we have to run for our lives.
May all the things you love never become a threat.