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Online puzzle of a brown horse with a coppery sheen.


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Mar 5, 2017
Love horses and this one looks so healthy with his glossy coat
May 4, 2014
I love horses and this one is so beautiful!
Jan 20, 2014
Beautiful Horse!
Apr 9, 2014
Totally gorgeous, toadalove!
Mar 25, 2014
Still a beautiful horse!
Nov 12, 2012
I love horses. Always have. The area just above their top lip and below their nostrils is so soft and, on many horses, ticklish.
Sep 7, 2012
Beautiful horse! I always wanted my own horse but it never happened. Did get to help my sister with her horse and my uncle with his. They appear dumb but are very intelligent. My sister's horse kicked me while I was on her one day cause I called her a stupid horse. She showed me how stupid she was not!
May 15, 2012
I really love the blue in this puzzle. It looks almost puffy, not totally realistic, but it makes me want to touch it to feel the indentations.