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Jigsaw puzzle of a brown horse with a black mane and tale. The horse is wearing a halter.


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May 14, 2014
I also like horses they are beautiful animals but I am afraid of them.
May 14, 2014
I like them to look at too, just not to ride, we never can get the same rhythm just bounce along.
Mar 19, 2017
Afraid of them? You just have to know where to stand and what to do when you approach them. I know that when you approach them directly from behind. I would approach them from the side and put my hand on their flank - the butt to let them know that I'm there. One time I was quite nervous around one horse. I was taking riding lessons when I was in school. Every time I attempted to reach for the girth - strap that goes around the belly - the horse would turn his head towards me.
May 26, 2014
Beautiful! Caught in motion!
May 14, 2014
Like this puzzle. wish staff would do more of horses. different types of horses.
May 14, 2014
I agree with you!
May 23, 2014
If you do a search on "horse" in the C4J search box you come up with about 46 horse puzzles.
May 23, 2014
Thanks, I will look.
May 17, 2014
Beautiful animal! Loved the shades of green in the background. Thanks team for a wonderful puzzle.
May 15, 2014
Enjoyed this one love to see the horses galloping and in their natural environment you can see this one has been well looked after, Thank you team for yet another great puzzle of the animals.
May 15, 2014
May 14, 2014
Love this horse puzzle!
May 14, 2014
I may be young, but look at me go!
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