High Mountains Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free online jigsaw puzzle of snowy white mountains rising high above the surroundings. The sun is high in clear blue sky casting shadows on the mountains.


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Jul 5, 2016
It's beautiful! It kinda feels refreshing when it's a 100 in the shade. The sun in this picture almost seemed bright while I was doing that puzzle, isn't that weird?
Apr 5, 2015
I wonder where this is - it looks like a place that's almost always cold. I'd hate to be involved with some organization like the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and have to create topographical maps of these mountains.
Jul 6, 2014
Still awesome!
Jun 15, 2014
So awesome!
May 10, 2014
Breathtaking beauty.
Apr 4, 2013
This is a very pretty picture. My family loves to go climbing and camping in the mountains and I hope sometime I can see some as pretty as these. thanks for the picture
Feb 10, 2013
I enjoy looking at the mountains, I am not a a mountain climber tho
Feb 10, 2013
I'm not either but I do enjoy the picture and the puzzle
Feb 5, 2013
Enjoyed yet another of your puzzles, love the winter scenes, this is the first time I have done one of your jigsaws, working from the bottom upwards as the saying goes there is a first time for every thing. Thank you team.
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