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Free jigsaw of shredded carrots in a wooden bowl and freshly washed spinach.


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Mar 20, 2018
Looks delicious!
Jun 20, 2013
I love spinach, cooked and raw. I eat carrots, both raw and cooked. This is something I feel like getting off my chest. My mother used to find a new recipe and make it all the time, over and over. Agh! One time my father was home on one of his brief leaves from the Navy. He punished me for refusing to eat my mother's carrot and raisin salad. My God, what nasty stuff! Whew. I needed to tell that. I guess that is why I made the following comment. It is still OK by me if I never have to see or hear about "health" food. Self psychiatric analysis? Sorry.
Sep 9, 2013
Starrphyre, I can't stand carrot and raisin salad, either. Ugh. Separately, fine, together, yuck. And I love all types of veggies, cooked or raw.
Nov 6, 2014
Same goes for me!!!
Jul 20, 2014
Love it!
May 11, 2014
Got lost in this puzzle some how!
Mar 23, 2012
Mar 14, 2012
Looks good enough to eat! :) thanks!