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Free online jigsaw puzzle of a pile of handmade bags. The woven bags are made with stripes of bright colors.


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Jul 4, 2020
Just not my bag!
Nov 18, 2019
Might use one of these woven bags for the beach, otherwise not my preferred style. Really a moot point now, because I don't live anywhere close to a beach. Ha Ha.
Jul 2, 2018
These are bags. rather small ones at that. very colorful. they said that they are handmade. imagine that. very nice.:)
Sep 3, 2017
Bright and colorful! However, I don't wear hats!
Sep 9, 2017
Oh these are hand bags and I thought they were baskets.
Sep 2, 2017
Imagine my surprised when this puzzle (that I worked yesterday) came up as a mystery today! I had quite a chuckle.
Sep 1, 2017
I know what today represented - it was the anniversary of Princess Diana's arrival to Paris. Went to the store and a woman tells me that she's going to Europe in Dec. She then says that she's going on a Carribean cruise in Dec. She then says oh I'm afraid to travel.
Sep 1, 2017
There are very colorful hats!
Aug 30, 2017
That's one colorful mess of hats. I lovve those hat that can be crusshed up for packing and bounce right back to their original shape.

God bless you all.
Aug 30, 2017
I can see by all my repeat letters I should have proof read. My tremors are visible for all to see when I don't.

And, I was sure the title said hats but it says bags. I still love hats made from this stuff.
Aug 30, 2017
Hugs nlb - gentle ones.
Aug 31, 2017
Nibs I too read it as hats and thought that they would have to be big heads to fit them. Lots of hugs for you.
Aug 31, 2017
Barbaranne, isn't it funny how we can read things so differently than they really are. My name for example, you address me as nibs, I abbreviate my sign on as N L B. I really don't mind being called nibs, in fact I think it's kind of cute. Please continue to do so. It is really difficult to tell the difference between nib and nlb isn't it. God bless you and have a wonderful day.
Aug 31, 2017
I thought it was hats too, nlb.
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