Hamster Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free puzzle of a white hamster running through grass.


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Nov 7, 2014
Hello there cutie! Just does not lose its appeal.
Nov 4, 2014
It's so cute!
Jan 11, 2014
Now where is this cutie-pattootie running of to? It is still a great puzzle and I have done this one before. Well I guess this one is getting in shape for a marathon of somekind. Guess I should do that too.
Nov 21, 2013
Soo cute! What tiny eyes!
Jul 2, 2013
Love this, when I was young we had a brown and white Teddy bear hamster named Herman Pooka, he lived a long time for a hamster and was an escape artist. No matter the cage, he managed to get out sometimes and when this happened, My Grandmother (who raised us) would stay in her bedroom until we found "that rat" LOL
Jul 31, 2011
I have one and she is the most fuzzy, cuddly thing ever
May 21, 2013
I never had a hamster that was white but had others and the last one was an angora one. They are sweet and oh boy, can they run on those wheels!
Mar 13, 2013
Took forever to do this one!!
Aug 13, 2011
So adorable!
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