Halloween Baking Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Halloween jigsaw puzzle of fun cookies. Flour and a rolling pin are next to decorated cookies.


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Oct 15, 2018
Cute looking cookies. The bat is my favorite, even though I'm a crazy cat lady. Halloween is a favorite holiday for me.
Oct 19, 2017
Love the halloween, and love to see the young ones whom come round with there mask and dressing up they do on halloween, and the pumpkin they carve out with light shine ing out of the art work they do with the help of there mums and dads, nice to see they carry on the tradition. a big thank you for this one.
Oct 8, 2017
Never have anyone come to our house for trick or treat. Cute Halloween puzzle.
Oct 8, 2017
Do y'all live in the boonies?
Oct 8, 2017
No. Our town has lots of things for the kids and many churches have functions also. Not too many trick or treat age kids in our subdivision. I always buy a bag of candy just in case.
Oct 8, 2017
Fun puzzle, but I wouldn't take the time to make cookies like that!
Oct 8, 2017
Nice puzzle, but not a big fan of Halloween.
Oct 8, 2017
No kids around me anymore either...Miss the little goblins. witches and so on....Save a lot on Halloween candy though except what I consume myself
Oct 8, 2017
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