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Online jigsaw puzzle game of a colorful gumball machine with gumballs spilling out of it.


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May 13, 2020
Ouch...there goes my tooth!
Aug 26, 2019
Liked gumballs as a kid, but no longer chew any kind of gum. Going for less sugar now days, except for CHOCOLATE!
Oct 16, 2018
Are gumball machines no longer in use? Oh dear, if they are, say goodbye to the good old days.
Oct 16, 2018
I still see them at grocery stores. The gumballs are now $.25.
Jul 5, 2016
Never really liked these as a youngster. I preferred Bazooka bubble gum. Better and bigger bubbles, right? (~_~)
May 21, 2015
WOW This one was tricky colors did not bleed together very well liked it
May 18, 2015
These look a lot like sour balls - they kind of look like gumballs, but, generally larger and often have a somewhat irregular shape, like a small flat area. However, I've never seen them in a light blue color - the usual flavors are cherry (red), lemon (yellow), sour apple (green), orange, and sour grape (purple)
Jun 23, 2014
What a tricky puzzle!
Mar 9, 2013
Well I did the 192 classic, but you all got me thinking I should try the hexagon :)
Dec 3, 2013
I just did hexagon and it wasn't bad.
Dec 9, 2013
44 circle and 63 tessellation. chose 83 circles and say no-way. chose hexagon and said no-way. lol
Dec 10, 2013
I love hexagon. Probably my favorite now.
Dec 10, 2013
I did circles twice today that worked easily.
Dec 12, 2013
I like circles too. Those little pieces are fun to fit in.
May 11, 2014
300 as a random. Took forever but got it done.
May 11, 2014
I'm still a classic fan! Don't think I've done this one, guess I should try it, one of these days.
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