Guinea Pig Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Online jigsaw puzzle of a guinea pig standing at a tiny table wearing a purple skirt.

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Dec 29, 2017
Waiting to be served!
Feb 29, 2016
Happy little critter. really into his food. My daughter raised them when she was young
Mar 1, 2015
I never owned a hamster, but there were always animals on the farm to see, pet, and sometimes hold. The baby gophers, for example, that came out of the gopher hole beneath the crab-apple tree in the back yard.

I asked my sister, "Why doesn't the mother come out? "

My sister said something like, "She's too big."

I thought the poor mother gopher was stuck inside and couldn't get out to enjoy the warmth and tender touch of my hands.

For My Poppy

I sit and watch for hours;
As you clumsily scamper around,
Bashing, Bumping, Crashing, Jumping,
A lovable fur ball; white and brown,

The echo of happiness and contentment,
Your whiskers whisper to me;
A world of perfect bliss
Where I feel completely free.

I teach you to walk the stairs
You master them and race,
Me down them as we play,
Your affection I embrace.

An appetite for all things nice,
Your rainbow eyes settle upon,
The food which I am holding,
And soon out of it, you con.

Now I sit and watch you sleeping,
Peacefully you drift away.
One final goodnight,
To a friend like no other. --Anon
Oct 3, 2014
Now this is a cutie nice to see these pets hide- ing I think in many ways they are just like children, doing these different kind of things. Thank you team for this one.
Jul 18, 2014
Just too cute!
Oct 14, 2013
You cant find me ha ha
Aug 30, 2013
I have a guinea pig who's face look exactly like this one's, but has different colors
Jun 28, 2013
"Do I make a convincing dandelion? "
Aug 19, 2013
I think so! LOL
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