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Free online jigsaw puzzle of green peas. The small peas are out of the pea pods and into a small bowl.


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Nov 25, 2017
Did it again as a mystery
the quilt I put in the frame awhile back I took out yesterday and got 2 sides of hem pined up
will try to finish it next week
Aug 15, 2014
Oh how I hated peas when growing up but oh how I love them now. Especially fresh out of the garden and snow peas and frozen peas and canned peas. I guess I just love peas.
Aug 15, 2014
I love snow peas especially fresh. Every afternoon I'd make my son go out with me to gather goodies for a salad. When we picked the snow peas almost all of them went straight into our mouths. It was hard to save enough for salad or dinner.
Aug 15, 2014
I prefer fresh snow peas also, and I eat most of them raw. Do that with Kentucky Wonders too.
Aug 15, 2014
I'm the opposite, loved peas straight out of the garden as a kid thru adult. But as I got older, peas no longer agreed with me, around when I turned 40 my digestion changed. Not sure about snow peas though. We have not grown them in a long time. Used to love peas in mashed potatoes with butter of course. :))
Aug 16, 2014
Dec 28, 2016
Worked at a vegetable canning plant and helped process peas. Saw them for 14 hours per day, 7 days a week. I like snow peas better. Growing up my mom made the chinese dish beef with snow peas. Yummy!
Mar 22, 2016
I love peas
this was a mystery puzzle this morning
Jan 15, 2015
I love peas only problem is when I buy them like that they never make it to the pan I love them raw straight out of the pod
Sep 23, 2014
Delicious looking green peas. Great puzzle.
Aug 15, 2014
Anyone else ever plant peas this time of year for "fall" peas?
Aug 15, 2014
Tried it here, but didn't have much luck that was one of the years that we were still having 100's in Sept, but also had a hard freeze about Halloween, didn't have enough cool growing time, usually plant in spring and freeze as many as I can, plus eat the rest. I use a variety that can be eaten in the pod or left on to mature for peas.
Aug 20, 2014
Iawoman1 I have planted peas this time of year for fall peas but it really depends on your climate on how they do. Just as catladyokc mentioned she didn't have much luck but also said they were still having 100's in September and they wont do well with heat like that.
I happened to grow them in a climate where we were having warm days but it was cold at night and they were even doing fine after nights of frost. Peas seem to do much better for me with the cool nights and not too hot of days. One other plus I saw about fall peas is no bugs around at all and noticed that with other veggies in the fall also.
Would of posted this sooner but didn't notice this till now as I have been way behind on puzzles and reading comments due to too many apricots and plums to deal with off my trees. To save time turning some into apricot brandy and liquer and am also doing brandy and liquer with some of my plums, way less time consuming and now it can just sit. Have a little more of apricots and plums left and will be so glad when I have them all out of the way!
One pea that stands up well to heat and cold if you can find it is called Wando. When all the other types of peas dwindled out from too much heat Wando kept on going and stands up to real cold weather also. Not saying it will work for everyone or everywhere but thought I would mention it.
Good luck on your peas if you planted any!
Aug 20, 2014
Thanks, I have since learned to check the Oklahoma State U. for their info & recommendations on plant and seeds for this area our weather is VERY changeable here! I have my garden area set up so I can deal with the crazy weather even in the spring only takes a few minutes to cover early plants when the predict a late frost or freeze. Gardening is a challenge here!
Aug 15, 2014
I know they are good for you but I do not enjoy, marrowfat mushy peas from a tin is something different and something remembered from childhood!
Aug 15, 2014
You can make your own mushy peas by adding a couple of tablespoons of cream and mashing them all together. Yummy. Hugs.
Aug 17, 2014
I will have to try that aussiesapphire - thank you. Bless you and have a great day!
Aug 17, 2014
I prefer FRESH snow peas, too.
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