Green Landscape Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle free online of a lush green landscape. A small resort houses guests in the tropics.


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Dec 10, 2019
Looks like a great place to take a stroll. If I had brought a folding chair, the shade of the palms would offer a pleasant place to read and sip some water.
Aug 31, 2017
Nice resort.
Jan 22, 2016
Looks very peaceful
Jan 19, 2016
I think I hear the tropical birds chattering in the trees, and maybe there is a little monkey or two hanging around. Would love to be there, except for the humidity, it looks like heaven to me.
Oct 21, 2015
Pretty grass
Oct 19, 2015
That looks so inviting!
Jul 14, 2015
Pretty tropical scene
Jul 5, 2015
I love the scene. I have never been to any tropical areas....not even Florida so I would really like to have that experience at least once. I love seeing different kinds of plants. Thos baby palm coming up in the lawn look so cute.
Wishing you a relaxing post July 4th Sunday.
Jul 5, 2015
If you want, in my opinion, to see the best of Florida at the right time of the year (you don't want to come here in summer) go to Sanibel Island in the spring. Fantastic, beautiful, and renown for one of the best shelling beaches in the world.
Jul 5, 2015
That's good to know. We will be visiting around Thanksgiving for the first time to celebrate a 70th birthday of one of my husband's sisters. Several of his relatives live in FL and one of mine. We will be in central FL and the bay side for the duration so no Sanibel Is. this time around.
Jul 6, 2015
Florida in November is do-able. Do plan another trip in the future for Sanibel Island. It truly is a lovely place.
Jul 7, 2015
I will keep it in mind and look at some google pix of it in the meantime. Thanks Trynfindit.
Jul 7, 2015
Great news, pixi, Southwest Airlines flies from Albany NY to Ft. Myers FL! :)
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