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Online puzzle of green beans a wicker basket.


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Jun 3, 2014
Love it!
Mar 18, 2013
Love fresh beans from the garden in the summer! So close now!
Feb 3, 2013
Wowie, nice fresh green beans, These vegetables make me so hungry. I love just about all veggies. Not too crazy about asparagus but I can eat it. This food on these puzzles looks so good and I'm so hungry plus I need to go to the grocery store and you know how that goes if you go in hungry, Guess I'll have to stop at McDonalds first and have a good old cheesburger and a caramel frappe.......Now that sounds pretty good. Let me out of here. McDonalds here I come!!!
Feb 3, 2013
Your funny Logansport! And too true!! If I ever go to the grocery store hungry, I end up with stuff that I never would have bought! But McDonalds? Nah, Arby's is my favorite fast food place!
Feb 3, 2013
Yes I like Arby's too but I can't get my frappe there. I am really hooked on those things. Have you tried them?
Feb 4, 2013
No I haven't. I have to be careful about the caffine. Used to love the mochas and such. Now it is decaf for me.
Jul 12, 2012
Love string beans specially with slivered almonds. Mmm good.