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Free online jigsaw puzzle of an office document with graphs. A calculator and a pen lay on the paper.


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May 10, 2019
I've never quite been good with graphs. So glad my office job of 25 yrs. didn't involve doing these.
Aug 9, 2018
Fun puzzle...Although I must say I have never seen an office desk that neat before
Sep 8, 2014
Back to school!!!
Sep 8, 2014
Wow..took me a long time on this one. I'm so tired now I doubt I could add 2 plus 2 even on a calculator.
Sep 7, 2014
Looks far too much like serious business. Can't we stick with frivolity and jocularity?
Sep 7, 2014
Jocularity? That reminds me of Father Mulcahy on the tv show MASH. Anyone else remember?
Sep 7, 2014
Yes, (smile) I was thinking of Father Mulcahy when I wrote that. That was such a wonderful TV show. I once said that if I needed surgery, I'd want those docs to do it! Yeah, silly, but I sure did like the show.
Sep 8, 2014
Me too wish we had shows like that now
I would watch more tv
now I hardly ever turm mine on
I got bad news today
my 101 year old aunt has cancer
please add her to your prayer list
Sep 7, 2014
This one is different and very nice.
Sep 7, 2014
Cool! Love it!
Sep 7, 2014
Fantastic, great fun - thanks!
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