Giraffes Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free jigsaw puzzle to play online of two giraffes. Each giraffe has a distinct coat pattern and can be found in parts of Africa.


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Aug 23, 2017
Love their skin pattern. Quick puzzle to do.
Mar 30, 2015
I wonder if this is a mother and child giraffe. They seem to be pretty friendly towards humans - at least when they are used to being around them.
Jan 21, 2017
These two giraffes could be male and female.
Jan 6, 2016
<3 heart so cute
May 31, 2014
Awe love, so sweet!
May 18, 2014
So sweet! Love it!
Apr 14, 2014
Jan 25, 2014
Jan 19, 2014
I collect giraffes. I have giraffe statues from all over the world. Some are quite beautiful. When people know you collect something, they want to add to your collection and that is what happens. I have some made of soap, some made of real gold, and some painted the most beautiful colors. One of my favorites is made of burlap! They are the most fascinating creatures and I think, quite astonishing, when one thinks of how they give birth!
Jan 19, 2014
I read up on some facts about giraffes and the giving birth was a bit of a worry. They do it standing up and the baby drops quite some distance in the process!!! I collect Dutch clogs and you are right when you say that people enjoy adding to your collection. I have some 200 now made of all sorts of material and from tiny 1/4" size to a full sized clog.
Jan 19, 2014
I collect frogs and have so many all over the house and in the Garden. It's awesome and more are always welcome!
Jan 19, 2014
Say Toadalove--would you rather be Frogalove or do toads count also? Just being silly. I always liked frogs myself. The coloring on tree frogs is awesome. I don't collect any more. When a child I caught/collected butterflies but an insensitive teacher destroyed my collection and I never replaced it.
Jan 20, 2014
No, I love Toadalove! Been with me for a long time now! Toads do count too!
Jan 20, 2014
Okay by me. Just ribbiting you.
Jan 21, 2014
Funny! Thanks!
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