Gingerbread Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle of a collection of gingerbread cookies. The Christmas cookies are iced and decorated.


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Nov 30, 2017
Didn't seem to take as long doing it the second time.
Aug 28, 2017
Pretty Christmas cookies! Almost too pretty to eat!! LOL
Dec 27, 2015
Loved it but it took forever!
Dec 10, 2012
What A lovely display of cookies love to make some of these, perhaps one of the jigsaw puzzlers could give ME A hint on how to make such A fabulous display, I think this must be made in America they seem to have a fabulous display of things like this.
A big thank you team on giving us this puzzle.
Dec 31, 2013
Santaclaus, it looks more complicated than it is: lots of nuts, cinnamon sticks, dehydrated orange slices and orange peel curlicues (easy to do with a little bit of atience), then you have different shapes of cookies decorated with royal icing. To me the cookies look like they are from gingerbread type dough (they are resilient, you can even poke a hole in them at the top to hang them) and royal icing, which dries and hardens nicely and is basically egg whites with sugar and a little bit of glycerin for shine and flavor essences. For a recipe I recommend goggling it at Martha Stewart, Wilton or Alton Brown, same for the gingerbread cookies recipe. If you cannot find cookie cutters like these you can always make a paper pattern and cut the shapes by hand with an X-acto knife or ask an artisan to cut them for you from copper sheet.
Feb 9, 2014
Thank you for the tips I definitely will give them a try.
Mar 10, 2013
Looks European to me. This was soooo hard to do, almost gave up several times! Took me ages....
Dec 10, 2012
Wow!!!!! I wish I could make some...but I'm afraid I don't have the patience to do them.
Dec 10, 2012
I wish I had the oomph to make cookies like these! I'm at the Drop Cookie stage of life!!!!
Dec 10, 2012
Beautiful display of cookies etc. Looks so like fun! Yumm!
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