Gift Giving Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Christmas jigsaw puzzle of gift giving at Christmas. A gold wrapped present is tied with a bright red bow.


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Sep 3, 2017
Love to wrap presents! So many pretty wrappings to choose from. Sometimes it is hard for me to choose!! LOL
Dec 3, 2016
Beautiful wrappings. However, the adults give to their favorite charity instead of giving gifts to each other. We only give them to the kids and I usually give them money to spend as they wish. This is the year everyone comes in from all over the country. This is done every other year. We usually have about 30 people. It's a fun time for everyone. This Christmas everyone comes! Can't wait!
Dec 30, 2015
When I was about 10 or 11 my dream job was to work in the Gift Wrap Department of our very nice department store. Having access to the beautiful, quality paper and lovely ribbons was the ultimate!
While Mother shopped, I chose to go to that department and just watch!
Dec 21, 2015
The benefit of professional gift wrapping services. If you're lucky, the presents will look that good when you get to your destination after they've been crammed into luggage and manhandled upon the train or gone through all the examinations for your flight.
Dec 21, 2015
Another beautiful Christmas theme! Thank goodness I'm all done wrapping mine. Happy holidays all.
Dec 21, 2015
Merry Christmas to all my fellow crazy 4 puzzlers and happy and healthy 2016
Dec 21, 2015
Nice wrapping job wish mine looked that good
Dec 21, 2015
Merry Christmas!
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