Frog Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle for free online of a small green frog. The frog is resting on a floating lily pad.


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Aug 2, 2017
Frog on a lilly pad. So cute!
Jan 23, 2016
A cute mystery for a cold day. This resembles some of our frogs. There are so many kinds near us as we have a lot of lakes, creeks, and swamps. I have twice had tree frogs hitch a ride in the ferns that I bring in for the winter. They sing occasionally, and I put fruit in the ferns to attract fruit flies. But I would rather they stayed outside and hibernated. I think 7 months inside is too much. But they seem to live through it. I try every year to search the plant and make sure they stay where they belong, but they are adept at hiding.
Jan 13, 2016
Did again as a mystery
I like frogs but don't want them to touch me
was told as a child if the wet on you you would get warts
Nov 11, 2015
Did as a mystery
a cute little frog
Apr 6, 2015
The other nite when it was storming, hail, lightening & tornadoes all around my son & his dog came for shelter from his mobile home to my berm home. My son was afraid of this noise outside. I listened, so familiar with it, the one frog in my pond was trilling for a mate at the top of is voice! The weather didn't bother him at all.
Jan 5, 2015
Childhood memories of how exciting it was to see one of these.
Jan 6, 2015
When I was a little girl we saw a lot of frogs
don't many anymore
Oct 31, 2014
I'm a late-comer guess. There are already 4 pages of comments. So, do any of you frog lovers want to give this little guy a kiss and see if he turns into a handsome prince?
Dec 17, 2014
Lol, Starrphyre, I'd be too scared he might turn into a great old toad :)
Aug 20, 2014
Loving all the frogs today!
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