Fresh Vegetables Jigsaw Puzzle

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Sep 14, 2020
My wife and I are growing fresh vegetables this year too cook and eat, just like we do every year.
Aug 18, 2020
Love this photo of various colors but not easy to do, right?
Aug 21, 2020
Aug 18, 2020
Quite COLORFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 18, 2020
I love to cook with fresh veggies, but mushrooms in moderation!
Aug 18, 2020
I love to cook with fresh vegetables
Aug 17, 2020
Yuck I hate mushrooms
Aug 18, 2020
They are an acquired taste. :)
Aug 17, 2020
Got memorized by the colorful food and it took me longer than expected! Also mouse seems to NOT let go of each piece when trying to put puzzle together for some reason. Enjoyed the jigsaw puzzle today. Thanks for sharing.
Aug 17, 2020
Not an easy puzzle. Love mushrooms. Can't tell what some of the others are.

"People who love to eat are always the best people." Julia Child

Rosie is here cleaning today. You should see the cat hairs--and I do it in between!
Aug 17, 2020
I like the Julia Child's quote. Very true! I hope Rosie is able to get the cat hair out and you have a safe day!
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