Fresh Food Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle of healthy fruits and vegetables on a table.


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Mar 14, 2016
Good salad material.
Oct 4, 2014
Love my home grown salads mine at the moment are peppers and these make lovely soup, the only thing is getting the skin from the flesh, I have a good tip to takes the skin off is half them take out the seeds and the white membrane, place them onto a baking sheet pop them into a hot oven and when they are turning nearly black the skin come off easy, better than making your soup and getting the skin in your mouth. Have a great week end all now of to pickle some more onions.L O L Santa
Jun 21, 2014
Feb 23, 2014
Enjoyed this one and the vegetables look great and at the moment I could do with there vitamins one get from is source, reason got one heck of a cold and just can't seem to shake it off, so I am trying to keep out of every one's way so they do not get.
Jan 9, 2014
'Maters and 'cumbers make a good salad! Could use some right now.
Aug 11, 2013
Makes me want to make a salad. Sounds good right? I think I will make one for dinner.