French Village Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle of a small village in Strasbourg, France. The old buildings line a small river.


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Apr 14, 2024
One of our favorites. Well worth a few days visit - great museums, informative canal ride, good food, and impressive cathedral.
Jul 22, 2017
Love the flowers on the window ledges!
Jul 26, 2016
Never would have guessed that this photo was taken in France. I would have thought Switzerland.
Dec 8, 2014
So many quaint European towns seem to have built buildings along canals. It must be hard to maintain them. The white one on the right with all the red flowers is really starting to lean! I don't think it's just distortion from the camera lens either. Yikes. pretty place but I think I'd skip visiting inside that building.
Oct 30, 2014
A boat trip would be interesting
Oct 29, 2014
A lovely place - almost doesn't seem real! Would love a long boat trip through the canals!
Aug 13, 2014
Love it!
Jul 9, 2014
Ta da did it again!
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