Flower Pot Cat Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free online jigsaw puzzle for adults and kids of a black cat resting in a flower pot. The happy cat fits perfectly.


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Jul 20, 2019
Looks like my fellow apartment resident's cat---MC.
Oct 17, 2016
My son Galen looks just like that. ;)
Oct 15, 2016
I used to have a cat that we thought was a girl. He was a boy and became Simon.
Oct 8, 2016
Still hiding
Jul 12, 2016
Looks like my black cat Cleo!
May 27, 2016
Looks like she is trying to hide
May 19, 2016
Huggable-looking cat!!!!
May 13, 2016
Lovely cat! I wonder if it feels comfortable, it really looks focused on the photographer.
May 13, 2016
I seem to be odd one out as usual. Most of the posters are talking about how comfy s/he is and I thought s/he looked ready to leap out and pounce on something. At least we both agree on the focused part jamieT.
May 14, 2016
S/he does look like s/he's ready to pounce, but probably thinking something like, "This human's scaring all the birds away."
May 14, 2016
You have that right. I think I'll call you the cat whisperer.
May 15, 2016
It seems best to let a cat or dog pick their human, and not the other way around. I have felt the closest to those animals that came to me, apparently wanting a place to hang out or maybe live. I have actually had two tomcats bring their kittens, both male, to me. One was a stray who I had told that I wanted his little son. When the kitten was weaned he brought the little guy over and gave him to me. Of course, I ended up with his two sisters, also, as all were born of the same stray mom.
May 16, 2016
That's interesting. I didn't know tomcats got involved with the kittens. Having a cat choose you is best. I took one home that I really fell in love with but she never liked me. Happily she did like my husband so it was okay.
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