Flower Garden Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Online jigsaw puzzle of a garden of flowers in full bloom. The flowers are a bright pink and blue color.


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Jan 9, 2021
I see the last time I did this puzzle my husband was still teaching and my son was still alive. I don't remember doing this puzzle but am not surprised. I lov hydrangeas especially because they are actually blue and not called blue but really purple...although I like purple also. We visited Olympic park in 2019 and there were areas of shady hillsides by the road chock full of blooming blue hydrangeas. It was a beautiful vacation.
Mar 18, 2018
These flowers are called Hydrangea's. I have two in pots on my patio. Most of them are pink, violet and blues, and even light green.
Mar 30, 2018
Thanks, micki, I was wondering about them. They really are pretty. What's the size of the blossom? It looks large.
Mar 30, 2018
My best guestimate is approx. 7-8 inches around. The one drawback for me, is that that are very thirsty little guys. In the summer they must be watered every day. I love plants and flowers, but don't like the maintenance they involve. Hello, landscaper ($)!!! Need 'em...love 'em.
Mar 31, 2018
I replied yesterday, but I must have forgotten to click on "post reply! " lol I do that sometimes while texting as well. Anyway, those a large flowers then. I didn't know they took so much water. Yay for the landscaper! Yay for you for getting one! lol
Jan 30, 2018
Quick puzzle to do.
Apr 1, 2016
Nice flowers don't you all think?
Mar 7, 2015
A Beautiful riot of vibrant colors reminding us it will soon be spring and time to work in the garden if you have one.
Aug 23, 2014
Jul 21, 2014
Do wish I could give all of you a lovely bunch to lift your spirits and heal each and every one...blessings and prayers x
Jun 8, 2014
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