Fall Friends Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free online jigsaw puzzle of two German Spitz dogs. The two dogs are out in the crisp fall leaves.


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Oct 13, 2016
My mystery for today
Jun 27, 2016
Time to rest among the leaves!
Apr 13, 2015
Big or small, they're all wonderful.
Jun 8, 2014
May 26, 2013
I think this is the best. I feel the warmth, the love and protectiveness of a young cat for a dear old friend who feels comfortable in the presence of that love.
May 27, 2013
Jimlahar, I so agree - the Retriever has such a benevolent expression. And I can almost smell that lovely autumnal tang in the air. Love it!!!
Jun 1, 2013
Jiggler-thanks for your kind words, it's too bad that mindless, mean people can't learn the lessons of love and caring from our pets. I'm 83 yrs. and have a big, black cat who adopted us about 5 years ago. His name is Jack Sparrow because he used to sneak into the house and pirate away cat food. Both of his front feet are all broken and twisted a bit, and his right leg had been broken in two places. The Vet says that someone stomped on them to get rid of him. He is vey sweet now, an inside cat, who seldom leaves my side. It's a close race to find out which of us loves the other more!!
Jun 4, 2013
Jimlahar, I'm glad there are people like you, to take these poor abused and broken animals and show them that there's still love and happiness in the world. I've been active in SPCA for over 30 years, and all my animals have been waifs and strays. But however much love we give them, they give it right back - in spades! By the way - love your cat's name!!!
May 25, 2013
I LOVED this one with the B & W cat. Oreo has one patch of black in the middle of her back. On her RIGHT side, she has "some" light reddish-brown & black patches. Otherwise, she has basically WHITE all over with BLACK around her RIGHT eye area and "some" BLACK towards her LEFT eye area and BLACK on her ears and in back of her forehead.
May 5, 2013
So sweet.
Jan 13, 2013
Are you folks premium members....and is that how you get these done so fast?
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