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Jigsaw puzzle of Euro banknotes, the currency of many European countries. The euros are made from cotton fibers, giving the euros a distinct feel.


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Jun 11, 2018
Ahhh...the color of money. This doesn't look like dirty money to me (joke), in the contrary, looks quite interesting and colorful.
Mar 10, 2015
Euros were introduced after my last trip to Europe, so I'm not that familiar with them. Before the Euro, each nation had their own currency - although some smaller nations used other nation's currency, i.e., Luxembourg used Belgian and Luxembourg's Francs, but Belgium didn't take Luxembourg's. In the nations that I visited, each denomination was of a different size - one way to assist the blind. The Dutch Guilders also had different shapes that were embossed so you could feel them. The colors were amazing, as opposed to the United States' currency, which is one of the reasons why it's frequently counterfeited.
Mar 7, 2013
Euros are pretty. Money is fun in any color! Lydia, hope you had a great time in Paris!!
Oct 26, 2012
We're just back from Paris and I'm caching up on saved puzzles....we got quite familiar with Euros!
Oct 25, 2012
Don't think these will fit in my little wallet!! Fun picture to do. Love the close-up puzzles.
Oct 25, 2012
Canadian money also has different colours :) And we're closer!
Oct 25, 2012
Not bad for a days work. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 25, 2012
That ought to see us through one day in Europe!
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