Dome of the Rock Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free online jigsaw puzzle of the famous gold topped Dome of the Rock. The Dome of the Rock is located in Jerusalem.


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Dec 24, 2018
A mystery today
Apr 24, 2018
Have been to Jerusalem but didn't see this. Very interesting place. Also swam in the salt sea!
Dec 25, 2017
This was my birthday puzzle in 2015. Today is Christmas, 2017.
Aug 5, 2015
It's probably appropriate that this was photographed under kind of stormy skies. This space is been under contention for centuries.

I had really good news yesterday. I have smoldering multiple myeloma, a pre-cancerous blood condition. In the past couple of months, I have had several blood tests, a bone marrow biopsy, an abdominal ultrasound, 19 x-rays, and other tests, I went to my doctor appointment yesterday thinking that I was probably going to be starting chemotherapy soon. Because of having good test results, I don't have to start any cancer therapies any time soon. I do however, have to see a kidney specialist because this blood condition, the abnormal blood cells don't process through the kidneys like normal blood cells do.
Aug 5, 2015
JamieT, that's wonderful news! Good luck with the kidney specialist, too. I'll keep you in my prayers.
Aug 6, 2015
Aug 9, 2016
Will add you to my prayer list. God has this.
Aug 9, 2016
Hang there JamieT. God can truly heal!
Dec 28, 2015
PurplePandora Jamie T, I wish you the best of luck for your health. I will say a prayer for you.
Sep 23, 2015
I like these puzzles
Aug 6, 2015
Another great puzzle I love this one, how wonderful to really go and see it what a wonderful building it is.
Aug 5, 2015
So beautiful! And so much will happen there someday.
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