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Free online jigsaw puzzle game of a white furry dog playing in the snow.


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Mar 7, 2014
Just got a dog. med. size, slick hair, mutt, girl with 5 black spots on her. Ole woman died who had 10 dogs & 2 cats, this is one of them. She gets on my furniture, ignors my cats, likes to sit on my lap, like the cats do. not use to dog food. think we will eventually get along.
Nov 17, 2012
I love this puzzle, but, not as much as the puzzle with the 2 husky's running in the snow the look on their faces is pure happiness.
Nov 17, 2012
I agree! :D x
Jul 7, 2013
I went looking for that puzzle and couldn't find it under huskies. So I typed in 2 dogs and there it was - its title is sled dogs!
Jul 7, 2013
It is really lovely don't you think
Feb 19, 2013
What a babe!!!
Nov 26, 2012
Love it love it
Jul 30, 2012
What a beautiful dog!!!!!!!!
Sep 9, 2011
pretty white dog