Deer Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Online puzzle of a brown deer with small white spots.


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Apr 30, 2014
So cute!
Apr 9, 2014
Beautiful coat!
Jan 23, 2014
Oh how cute. We have a field behind our house that they are developing into a housing development. It used to be a farm, and deer used it as (their) field. It also is a crossing for the deer. Last night 14 deer crossed it, galloping for all they had, thinking no one would see them. It was something to see.
Jan 29, 2012
I just love all who put up the puzzles as I don't mind doing one of them and I want to say a big Thank You.
Emma - Crazy4Jigsaws Staff
Jan 29, 2012
You're very welcome! I'm glad to hear that you enjoy the puzzles so much.
Jun 14, 2013
Kevin is it a kangaroo or a deer?
Emma - Crazy4Jigsaws Staff
Jun 14, 2013
It is a deer.
Jun 14, 2013
We have had a deer visiting our garden
Jun 15, 2013
I am glad we do not let, you give our youngster a lesson on animals, a kangaroo has a pocket at the front for it's babies, and the deer lives mostly in the Islands although now a days you can see them most anywhere, at least you brought a smile to every face. do not mean you to take offence. Love it just keep your questions coming.
Have a nice week-end and just enjoy what you are doing.
Feb 19, 2012
I love deer, they are so cute. All these puzzles remind me of bambi.
Jun 14, 2013
I thought that it was a kangaroo
Jun 14, 2013
Isn't it weird that ever since we found out that my sister is moving to australia with her boyfriend things to do with australia just keep popping up all over the place?
Aug 18, 2012
Beautiful - so graceful.
Jan 30, 2012
Very CUTE!!!!!
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