Cuckoo Clock Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle of an antique cuckoo clock with detailed paintings of flowers. Cuckoo clocks are traditionally associated with the Black Forest region of Germany.


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Jan 4, 2023
Cuckoo clocks make me think of family get togethers...maybe because my relatives had them but I didn't until my aunt died and I got hers.
I like tollwork. Maybe some day I'll try that kind of painting.
Mar 21, 2017
I have a cuckoo clock from there. It was my aunt's and it's packed away in the garage. My husband and I couldn't stand chimes and cuckoo's going off the way they did when we'd stay at my aunt's. Every ten minutes something else would chime or chirp and then she'd cough or sneeze which would send her sheltie into paroxisms of barking. It was like living inside a cuckoo clock but she was old and alone and I guess the noisiness was comforting for her.
Jun 15, 2022
It drove me cuckoo how much TIME that took.

I know it was years ago that you posted this, but I grew up in a house full of clocks - we had 13 clocks - that chimed - just in the living room! I feel for you going nuts at your aunt's house back in the day! I have to confess, I once saw little plastic wind-up cuckoo clocks for sale really cheap, so I bought 40 of them and hung them all in the guest bathroom, just to be funny. I would only wind them all when guests were coming, but what a racket in there, it was so funny! Now, like your aunt's clock, they're in a box in the garage :)
Jun 16, 2022
That must have been a big bathroom. What did your guests say about that?
I have two other clocks that don't go. They were made by my father...he made the cabinets and bought the actual clockwork he put inside. They are wind up chime clocks but I don't have the keys to make them go.
Jun 16, 2022
Pixi, a clock repair shop can find you those keys.
Jun 16, 2022
Actually the bathroom was a typical small guest bath. The clocks were only about 4" tall, so I put them all over the walls, floor to ceiling. People actually said, "Oh, you..." like it made perfect sense that I'd do that! I agree with aknan that a clock repair shop can help you. You could call and explain the situation, maybe there's a way they can help without you bringing the clocks in to the shop.
Jun 16, 2022
I think my brother has the keys. I don't really care to have them keeping time and chiming. They are just pretty and a reminder of my dad.
Jun 17, 2022
Love that. I don't wind the grandfather clock my dad gave me many years ago; just like you it reminds me of my dad.
Apr 13, 2020
Five o'clock and all is well. Ya
Dec 18, 2019
This was a mystery one this time. I did this once, but this time it seemed really hard to do and took 8:33 minutes.
Jan 14, 2019
Very nice puzzle!
Mar 27, 2018
Gorgeous! Such detail and craftsmanship. I found it hard to put together, but I think it was the way I started doing it. Maybe I should have stopped and restarted. Anyway, I enjoyed it very much. Thank you team, you bring us so many hours of fun.
Apr 20, 2017
Fun to do as a mystery puzzle.
Jan 28, 2017
A very pretty clock!
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