Crater Lake Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Crater Lake in Oregon looks even more mystical covered in snow than it does in the summer when it's covered in lush growth. The deepest lake in United States makes an extraordinary subject for this online jigsaw puzzle.


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Jan 24, 2020
GORGEOUS lake for Oregon!!!!!!!
Nov 28, 2018
What a beautiful picture! I have seen Crater Lake but it was so long ago that I only remember that I have been there. Not when. Not what area of the Lake. Not whether it was Spring or Fall oe Summer or Winter. Only that I have been there. How sad that I cannot remembe the beauty of the lake or my first impression of it. But that is what happens when you age and am grateful for the beautiful memories thatI can remember. Did that make any sense?

God bless you all.
Nov 28, 2018
Yes that made sense nlbuchanan :) The important thing is that you were there and you remember that you saw it - don't worry about the details!
Nov 29, 2018
Thank yoy!
Nov 28, 2018
I've been there and loved drawing the lake and surrounding areas. So so blue.
Nov 28, 2018
Beautiful spot. Was there in the fall, before the snow.
Nov 28, 2018
Americas deepest lake
average depth 1, 148 ft (350 m)
Max. depth 1, 949 ft (594 m)
Now that's DEEP
Nov 28, 2018
Beautiful. Deep and cold. Some big fish have been caught there
Nov 27, 2018
Quick one compared to the dominos one. What a beautiful lake.