Crashing Wave Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle online of a wave breaking in the ocean waters on the coast of Australia. The beach and the sky can be seen in the distance.


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Mar 3, 2017
Love watching waves! Beautiful shades of blue! Probably need an expensive camera to capture a picture like this.
Aug 10, 2016
I don't think I would want to be under that wave when it came crashing down. I love it from this vantage point!
May 26, 2015
Amazing photograph!
May 12, 2015
I was sure this was going to be a planet!
Mar 12, 2015
Oct 11, 2014
Great photo - I wonder how the photographer managed to take this. It was kind of a tough puzzle.
Sep 17, 2014
Beautiful pictures/puzzle. Great shot of a surfers view point. Something I would never see on my own. Thanks C4J, well done. :)
Sep 17, 2014
Don't see many of these around here, unless the wind is blowing...just kidding. :-)
Sep 18, 2014
Oh CatLadyOKC, You're such a kidder! :)))))) How is your 4 legged fluff boy doing? Still hot in your area? We're really hot today. My girlie didn't want to go out on the patio. We seemed to have fog this morning. My girlie's birthday is Saturday, she's going to be "Sweet 16". I mentioned it to her, she just grabbed her toy and little pillow and brought them close to her. Guess she was telling me something. :) New toys, please. :)) Have a great evening. :)
Sep 18, 2014
He is in serious trouble, left me a present on the bed, at least I have a heavy duty shower curtain over it (learned that several years ago). Have had temps one day in the 50, then 60's & now we are back a 90 today, but will the the rain on Sat & Sun, then the temps should go back to 80's for the rest of the week. (Cooler than usual-also this is fair week, so we always have rain this week)
Sep 19, 2014
Hi CatLadyOKC, Your boy probably thought he was leaving a really great gift for you. :) I never heard of the shower curtain trick. It's been humid here, but getting hot again. Fall is coming, looking forward to it. It's been a long summer. Take care. :)
Sep 19, 2014
I learned that a regular shower curtain fits most beds and the extra large heavy duty one fits the K-size bed, since my son is gone so much I just change his bedding and remake the bed, put the shower curtain over all and it keeps dust, cat hair and other things off it and is easier to keep clean. I also got the big one for our bed and I just put it over all after making the bed in the morning. I got 5 300's today & several smaller ones. We may luck out and not get as much rain as expeceted so need to get my computer set up to do all it's housekeeping overnite, then will read for awhile. Tell you girlie Happy 16th from us and Crickett! Grandson & hubby are doing their thing with the cars tomorrow so I can puzzle most of the day again. I have to play with ours and his mouse on a stick while I'm trying to drink my coffee in the mornings.
Sep 20, 2014
Thanks CatLadyOKC, for the tip on the shower curtain. I'm going to get a heavy duty one for the guest bedroom, will keep the dust off the fresh bedding. We did get some rain early today, but not the storms we thought we were going to get. Most of the storms went south of us. My little girlie had a good day today, she had her nice fresh H2O2 water, she loves that. And she had a really good breakfast and lunch of Salmon and Shrimp, her favorite. Now she is napping with her catnip toys and her pillow. She's a happy cat. Thank you very much for the Happy Sweet 16 birthday wishes for KitKat, she's happy. And a hello and nose rubs to Crickett. Have a great evening. :)
Sep 19, 2014
Thank you team for this magnificent take and whom ever took details galore have been given here the roll of the wave and the sun casting out different pictures, what a risk this person has taken getting us this one.
One word magnificent. L O L Santa.
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