Colorful Wool Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle online of colorful wool sweaters. The sweaters are made in different patterns.


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Feb 14, 2021
Here in Oregon we are having major sweater weather. Can't wait for Summer.
Aug 21, 2020
Just lovely! Especially love the pattern on the green sweater.
Mar 25, 2019
Nice puzzle to do.
Nov 6, 2017
Two years have passed since doing this puzzle of beautiful wool sweaters. Thoroughly enjoyed this again. My eyebrows are knitted (pun intended) trying to remember the last time I took up needles to knit or crochet. Let me put it this basket of yarn is covered in dust and cat hair. Oh my!
Sep 24, 2015
Loved doing this one & the colours are lovely.
Jan 19, 2015
Whoever is doing the knitting is doing a great job. I have tried it and have never been any good at it. Love the colors.
Jan 19, 2015
I'm with you cindyj28, tried several times to learn knitting. Never took to it, have no talent. Whoever knitted the sweaters has lots of talent. I like the middle one in coral, lovely. :)) Have a great day.
Jul 9, 2015
Loved this puzzle as I am a knitter. It is my passion. I knit about 5 to 7 sweaters a year. I also knit baby stuff as well. I have great grand kids now who need sweaters in the winter. Just got done baby sitting 2 of my greats 3 and 5 and relaxed with this puzzle now that they are gone. Had a wonderful day. It is easy watching kids as we live on the lake and all the kids I know love to play in the sand and go for boat rides. Hope your day was great as well!
Jan 22, 2015
This was great fun! One of my better solve times. I just love all the colors -- can't have too much color for me!
Mar 6, 2015
Me too!
Jan 19, 2015
Pretty colors, nice puzzle.
Jan 19, 2015
Yes trynfindit! This is a nice colorful puzzle. I'm not a knitter, but do enjoy colorful puzzles. :) Have a great day.
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