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Online jigsaw puzzle of Native American themed pottery in bright colors.


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Dec 1, 2015
Lovely pottery
Feb 11, 2015
I did it again
I have a niece and her husband that make pottery
Apr 4, 2015
I have a wheel but can't get the feel. I wish I could make pots like this. I love seeing the sun and shadows on them.
Feb 2, 2015
Fun but tough
Jun 1, 2014
Jul 12, 2012
I haven't done a puzzle that I haven't enjoyed. But I only do them once and am not really competing with the with the ones who do them multiple times. If any one wants to show first time times I would like to compete with you.
Jul 12, 2012
my first times are usually not good, but i do enjoy doing the harder cuts only once for fun
Jul 13, 2012
Hi Missindependent, I agree with you and you must have seen some of my first time times. Did your times beat mine? I do the daily free one every day maybe you could send me some of your times?
Feb 15, 2012
So beautiful! Tricky puzzle but I enjoyed it! Thanks!
Feb 8, 2012
Enjoyed doing this one. What nice colourful pots.