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Jigsaw puzzle online of colorful sheets of blank paper. Colored pencils are placed on top of paper for an artist to start drawing.


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Oct 5, 2020
My eyes just quit on me! Oh my...not an easy one with that large yellow sheet of paper. I'm going to go look for my Visine now.
Oct 5, 2020

"When kittens begin to wonder about what lies beyond their little corner of the world, they discover the curiosity of a cat. known"

Have a Great Afternoon and Evening to you and ALL!
Jun 2, 2018
Would love to be artistic, but alas I'm not. Give me some of those colored pencils however, and I'll work a crossword puzzle, as I love puzzles.
May 6, 2018
Always enjoy the bright colors!
Jul 3, 2014
Still love it!
May 5, 2014
Still love this puzzle!
Apr 17, 2014
Love this puzzle and all the color!
Mar 29, 2014
All the colors were wonderful. Enjoyed this one. Have a good day all.
May 12, 2013
Loved this! Now I'm going to go draw with my colored pencils and paper.
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