Colorful Jars Premium Jigsaw Puzzle

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Jigsaw puzzle online of colorful handmade jars with lids. The jars have fun design with dots and flowers.


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Dec 30, 2019
Tried to learn to throw pots. Bought a wheel. Haven't gotten the hang of it yet. Been unable to get back to pottery for several years and I really want to. I'm better at making fugurines.
May you find satisfaction in the things you do.
Jun 3, 2018
Holy smokes...won't be doing this one again. Really hard and my eyes are tired. And so to bed.
Sep 4, 2017
Pretty pots!
Mar 25, 2017
Picked this puzzle because it looked very interesting. Sometimes I will spray-paint my own pots and decorate them.
Jun 14, 2015
I see a couple of pots that would really spice up my kitchen. Don't cook much any more, but one or two would make for a nice display on a shelf.
Apr 27, 2013
Don't trust myself in a shop with pottery all stacked up like this..bull in a china shop and all that
Jul 31, 2013
Jes1202 --- Reminds me of a lovely gift shop in Stowe, VT
where the resident cat used to curl up on an open, lighted glass display table --- and have a nap! The glass was warm because it was lighted. The display was not as dense as this one. There were bone china cups and saucers and lovely cut glass items here and there. He cautiously jumped up and found an open spot (reserved for him, no doubt) and settle in for a "long winter's nap."
Aug 2, 2013
Awwww! how sweet!
Jun 14, 2013
I love the bright colorful teapots, they look like tea would be happy to be brewed in them.
. hoky/but true!
Apr 22, 2013
This was a fun puzzle to solve. I love puzzles with colorful collections. keep them coming.
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